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This top was created for any type of sports use, be it cycling, running or gym. It guarantees high breast support, allowing any motor activity in maximum freedom and comfort.



Structured with different fibers and a differentiated texture according to the needs of body mass containment / correct temperature maintenance / expulsion of water vapor deriving from sweating.

Specifically, Breeze and Dryarn have been used to ensure the perfect balance between expulsion of humidity and maintenance of correct body temperature.

The structure was conceived to allow the woman maximum freedom of movement while at the same time supporting her in critical points.

The seamless technology contributes to avoiding unnecessary pressures that are often created in garments made with the traditional method (with seams).

The mixture of fibers used and differentiated weaving means that this top is second to none for sports use.



1. there is no fiber that exceeds the Dryarn in conveying moisture from the inside to the outside;

2. Dryarn is the best hydrophobic fiber. Absorbs all the humidity released by your skin and carries it outside;

3. It has exceptional strength and a specific gravity lower than other fibers. So unbeatable durability and lightness;

4. extreme resistance to bacteria, fungi, microorganisms and insects. So more hygienic clothes;

5. very fast drying speed and can be washed by hand, in the washing machine and dry;

6. respects nature as no dyeing operations take place to color it and it is also 100% recyclable;

7. is dermatologically tested. Dryarn is the first synthetic fiber that passes such a rigorous examination and rightfully enters an area hitherto reserved for the natural fiber par excellence: cotton.


Data sheet

59% polyamide (breeze)
34% polypropylene (dryarn)
7% elastane

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